Turn your favourite photo into a hand drawn pencil sketch and make it a true work of art.


Step 1

Choose the picture you would like to have turned into a hand drawn pencil sketch and make an electronic version of it.

Step 2

Send me the electronic version of the photograph. I will confirm via email the cost and timescale for the production and delivery of your pencil sketch.

Step 3

I will create your hand drawn pencil sketch and when complete send an emailed proof for your approval.

Then I'll put your sketch in the post to you.


About the artist

My name is Esther and I am a keen artist and general all-round creative type of person. I am 16 years old and currently studying at school (of course art is one of my chosen subjects!)

I have been thinking ahead and I want to earn some money to prepare for my future - things like school, university, training and some volunteering (abroad maybe). There is only so much you can earn delivering newspapers or working in a fast food place and so I wondered if I could use my talents to earn money in a different way?

I have lots of ideas for little businesses that come from a wide range of creative interests, but, I had to focus on one at a time. So here it is - PencilSketch - the best place to get a photo of someone or something you love turned into an original hand drawn pencil sketch.


I started drawing pictures of my friends but that has quickly spread to their friends and so on. Now people are paying me to draw pencil sketches for them.

Each drawing takes quite a long time in the preparation and then the process of sketching and correcting and making those small tweaks (lots of them) to bring a touch of reality and life to the sketch.

I hope that you can see a style and detail that inspires you to have your own pencil sketch of a photograph you like. Just get in touch and I will see what I can do. (Your photo could be next in the preview gallery at the top of the page!)

Thanks for visiting,




© Copyright 2014 Esther Cain. Auckland, New Zealand.